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The Church of Follow Jesus Christ

Minister - Chris Waugh



Welcome to this new internet based church! Jesus said in Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." This means if two or three meet each other in order to worship the Lord and learn how to follow Him by studying His Word (The Bible), then they can have church. Many churches have closed and many more churches only have several people who attend each service. If this is the case where you live, you can have church as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. If you don't have anyone who will have church with you, God understands and won't hold it against you. The sermons and Bible teachings are usually short and to the point, there are typed versions (There is no need to hurry and try to take notes while I'm talking.), and the sermons and Bible teachings are stored on this website (You can go back and review past messages, and because they are short and broken down, you can "learn" God's Word and know how to "obey and do" what God's Word says to do and don't do in your daily life.).

If you ever need help with a problem you are going through, you need help understanding something in the Bible, or someone has criticized you and said that you witnessed to someone the wrong way, please send me an email -



Church membership - If you are not a member of another church, or you have been saved and baptized but you are not a member of a church and would like to become a member of this church, please contact me.       


Baptisms - If you live in the Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina, and you have been saved and would like to be baptized, please contact me.


Communion - This is an incredible blessing! Please go to this website for more information -   

Giving - Since this church doesn't need maintenance like a traditional church, I encourage you to give to charities. Please follow this important website on how Christians should handle their money -    


Prayer requests - If you have any prayer requests, please send me an email -  


Ministries that God has chosen for you to do (John 15:16, Ephesians 2:10) - It is impossible to read the Bible cover to cover and not realize that a major part of the Christian life is helping others. To literally summarize the Bible - We are born into this world to first of all (Become a Christian by trusting Jesus’ death on the cross and His shed blood to erase our sins and let us into Heaven) and then serve others for the rest of our lives. Please follow this website for ways to do this -

For Sunday morning messages, open the link below -

For Sunday evening messages, open the link below -

For Wednesday evening messages, open the link below -

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